Let Go. Let God.

Let Go. Let God.

Got problems?

Let Go and Let God

Got problems? Who doesn’t? If you aren’t personally experiencing any of these things – a.k.a. life in a fallen world – you undoubtedly know someone who is. What do you do? Put your big girl panties on and fight? Get busy? Run? Shop? Shout? Control? Sulk? Complain? Manipulate? Maybe you pray, “Dear God, please accept this prayer as my formal letter of intent for you to follow my detailed instructions and fix this problem exactly as I have so thoughtfully and carefully outlined for you. Thank you in advance for your full cooperation. Amen.”


Fixers and Doers

We are a generation and a nation of doers and fixers. We are strong, independent and self-sufficient. We have it all figured out. We are in trouble!!!! When someone comes to you with a problem, don’t most of us just jump directly to asking, “What are you going to do?” When was the last time you heard someone respond to a problem by asking, “How are you going to be still?”

It’s not in our fleshly DNA to say, “I’m not going to do anything. I’m waiting on God. I’m just going to let go and let God. It’s not mine to fix. It’s none of my business. It’s not in my hula-hoop.” Blasphemy!? Not according to Psalm 46:10.

Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth! (AMP)

Be Still

Be still. Be what? Be brave? Be bold? Be caffeinated? Nope. It says be still. Dictionary.com defines it this way, “Remaining in a place or at rest; motionless; stationary; to stand still.” Sounds like a good way to get nowhere fast!

Want a better definition? We have to look deeper into God’s word to find it. What is the actual Hebrew word used in the text for still? The command (notice it’s not a suggestion) comes from the Hiphil stem of the verb rapha meaning to be weak, to let go, to release. This is not a scene from the Titanic where Rose promises Jack that she’ll never let go only to cast him off into the deep blue sea. We let go because we know whose hands we’re handing our problem off to. We know He will take it and do something greater and far better with it than we could have ever imagined. How do we know? Experience. The more we flex our “letting go” muscles, the more confident we become in the process. How does it work in real life? Let me share a personal experience.

My Miracle

In 2001, I was in a horrific Jet Ski accident. My leg was nearly amputated on the spot. I was air lifted to the nearest trauma hospital and they managed to put me back together like humpty dumpty. I woke up to find an external fixator on my lower leg. If you’re not familiar with that, it’s like a medieval torture device comprised of steel bars and pins poking out in ever direction. After six months of this, there was no sign of healing. My doctor said I had two choices. Leave the fixator on and probably lose my leg. Remove the fixator and replace it with a rod in the bone and probably lose my leg. That’s it. Those were my choices.

What on earth was I supposed to do? In desperation, I prayed a prayer I had never prayed before. God, I can’t make a decision. Please send me someone older and wiser to help me. When I arrived back home the phone was ringing. It was Estelle, a beautiful older woman in our church choir who was an acquaintance. She had never called me before. She said, “God just had you so heavy on my heart I had to pick up the phone and call you”. She asked, “What is going on?” Estelle had no medical expertise. I told her the situation and she said, “You do nothing.” Nothing? Nothing. And then she said, “God is not the God of confusion. He will make it clear when the time is right. Until then, you do nothing.” So I did nothing.

It was a long weekend and then the phone rang Monday morning! It was the President of my company, my non-believer boss and he said, “You were on my mind all weekend. I’m troubled that your leg isn’t healing. I want to take you to a specialist.” Long story short, we found the best surgeon in Northern California who told us that if I had opted for either of my original options I would have lost my leg. With new marching orders and a few more surgeries and gizmos, I still have my leg. This is my miracle story. It’s a miracle of healing and a miracle that I was able to heed Estelle’s wise words to be still and wait for God. Wow God! Be exalted among the nations, Be exalted in the earth!

What I’ve Learned

Lessons learned. Waiting never get’s easier. It helps to know that God doesn’t make us wait forever. Just long enough for Him to get far enough out in front of us so that we have a front row seat to see him do something spectacular. If we race ahead, we’ll completely miss our miracles.

Next time you’re facing a giant, let go and let God. Start with prayer. Give it to God. Turn it over, completely over, again and again if you have to and wait. Remember, He is not the God of confusion. He’ll show you what to do. His direction will never contradict His word. Wait until you get the gift of His peaceful confirmation. And you’ll experience more inexpressible joy in the journey than you could have ever imagined.

Want to go deeper on this topic. Download the study guide to use in your devotion time or grab some friends and go through it together. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to share the joy!



  1. Cynthia Saks says:

    Thank you for this wonderful message. I’ve been still and continue to wait for God’s direction. This gives me hope that I am not waiting in vain. God bless you.

    • Stephanie says:

      Thanks for sharing Cynthia. I’m praying for you right now that a little bit of hope will go a long, long way and that you’ll enjoy sweet communion with Him during this pause. Blessings!

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